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Established in 1972, Morning Star Travel operated for more than 40 years and is at present one of the leading travel agencies in Hong Kong.
CTC Travel Company

As a full-service agency with extensive experience of more than 24 years, CTC Travel has been recognized as one of the best travel agencies in...

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Vientiane is the largest city in Laos and the hub of commerce and administration. It is an ideal place for a leisure trip seeking comfortable moments in the cool space of nature but also the place to explore and discover. Let check out interesting things to do in this city.

Recent years the popularity of robatayaki in Singapore is growing, with several restaurants showcasing their renditions of it.

Try some of the best tea houses in Kyoto.

Trekking and hiking are becoming popular in Vietnam due to the unique terrains.

One way to experience it is with a stay at one of the city's many boutique hotels.

Just south of Hanoi's central Hoan Kiem Lake, Zephyr Hotel is set inside a colonial white and gray building with stately pillars and high ceilings.

Traditional foods

Singaporean sweet eats become popularity due to their flavours and attributes. Here are some suggestions for you when visiting Singapore.

If you travel to Sapa, you should not miss delicious dishes in this high land. You wonder what the Sapa’s delicious dish addresses are. We will share some specialty restaurants in Sapa for you to enjoy.

Laksa is one of the most recommended dishes you should try when traveling in Malaysia.

The drinking of tea is as important to dim sum as the food. The type of tea to serve on the table is typically one of the first things the server asks dining customers.

Kakigōri is a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener, often condensed milk.

Not only famous for beautiful natural scenary, Sapa also attracts tourists by delicious local food which is the special taste of the Northwest region in Vietnam.