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Established in 1972, Morning Star Travel operated for more than 40 years and is at present one of the leading travel agencies in Hong Kong. During the time, Morning Star Travel has created numerous joyful holidays for the people in Hong Kong. By the end of 2015, Morning Star Travel has become a group company of Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Ltd (HK Stock Code: 1777HK). With the strong background and financial support of the holding company, Morning Star has became more confident and aggressive in developing new business abd exploring new market.

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As a renowed and well-established travel agency, we have been providing a wide variety of premium travel products, besides group tours, leisure packages, private tours, cruise holidays, etc. Morning Star Travel has recently launched a series of new products to local market, including the Mini-group Tours,Star Club VIP Black Card, the new 2to Go FIT Packages,Dating Tours and etc.

Morning Star Travel has received numerous awards from various airlines, tourism boards and different travel organizations. All these awards have confirmed the support and recongnition from the industry and further enhanced our status as a leading tour operator.

A full range of services

Group Tours Services

Aside from regular sightseeing tours, special-interest products are also useable for your selection, such as Delicacies, Marathon Run, Parent-child tours. These are all with well-planned itineraries, popular sightseeing spots and local delicacies which can meet your demands.

Morning Star Travel via Exchange Tower

Leisure Package, Hotel and Air-Ticket Booking

Morning Star Travel provides service on hotel or air ticket reservations, individual air tickets and hotel packages. To provide the diversified demands of customers, Morning Star Travel also provides value-added packages, such as local tours or special offers which cooperate with tourism boards or local concerns.

Cruise Holidays

Morning Star Travel is the agent of various world-wide leading cruise lines with itineraries. Morning Star Travel also cooperates with renowned international cruise lines to provide special interest cruise tours, such as study tour and wedding photography tour. To further enhance the service, Morning Star Travel has set up a dedicated cruise hotline in 2012 to answer customers’enquiries.

Private Group Tours and Mini-Group Packages

Private Group Tour Division and the Mini-Group Package series providing an extensive range of tailor-made tours for group travel along a private base, designed itineraries, accommodations and meals are entirely in conformity with the preference of individual customers.

Morning Star Travel via Deals Hong Kong

Sales Network

Branches covering the major areas in Hong Kong and Macau to provide convenient service to clients.

Call Center – Call Center was rapidly expanding in recent years, providing tours, flights, hotels and packages enquiry service. Reservations and payment can be performed via phone for customers’ convenience.

Online Services – With the latest online hotel and air ticket reservation service, customers can receive an instant online confirmation on worldwide hotel accommodation and air-ticket booking via Morning Star Travel website.

Co-operation with the business Partners

In 2016, Morning Star Travel joined the “Money Back” scheme of AS Watson Group, and become the only outbound tour travel agent in Hong Kong that reward “Money Back” points to customers.Our customers could earn” Money Back” points as a result of buying on products, introducing news members or participanting on promtional activities. This scheme has been mostly welcomed by the market, and  the membership base of Morning Star Travel has also been growing vigorously.

On the other hand, Morning Star Travel has been co-operating with large organization, including CSL/1010, Dah Sing Bank , Ocean Park,,etc, to provide various special travel products and travel privileges to their customers.

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